Monday, June 3, 2013

Informational Text Features All About Me Book

I have finally finished my Common Core aligned All About Me book.  My kiddos loved it at the end of the year.  As we all know our little ones love writing about themselves.  This book allows them to do just that, using Informational Text Features that we all are finding creative ways to teach. 

After introducing the book my students made a quick connection and were able to quickly identify the features in other non-fiction books.  Love that!

I have geared this book mainly to first and second grade. It could be used for kindergarten or third grade as well.  The time line page would have to be tweaked a bit but I can do that if anyone requests it.  I have it available for $3.00 at my Teacher's Notebook store or in my Teacher's Pay Teacher's Store.

I hope this is something that will make your teaching life easier.  The first three people to leave a comment telling me how you teach this concept to your little cherubs will get it for free.   Don't forget to leave me your email address.  Enjoy.


  1. Love this idea. Making nonfiction personal for the kids will be a true seller for my class.


  2. This is a fantastic idea!!! We wrote several nonfiction reports this year. (Penguins and frogs) They loved them.
    Sunshine, Sand and Scissors

  3. My kids would love this. Teaching about themselves is the best way to get these concepts across.

  4. I just added this to my wishlist for next year!! My students always seem to struggle with text features, but they should make better connections with this. We also do an Author Celebration at the end of the year when the kids get an opportunity to share their writing throughout the year with their families. This will be perfect for them to put into their portfolios!!

    Thanks for creating!

    1. Hi Tara
      Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad it will be something you can use.

  5. Congratulations, Denise, Meredith and Kim, you were my first three to leave a comment. The unit is coming your way. Thanks so much.

  6. I think I LOVE this! Just added it to my wish list! :)