Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free September 11th Craftivity

I apologize for it being so late, but I have posted a FREE September 11th craft.  I put it together today during planning so it is very easy and the kids did a great job.  We watched the BrainPop movie then discussed all of the events on that tragic day.  One of my little ones said, "My mom talked to me about it, but it makes me cry when I think about it."   I hope this is something you can use with your little ones. The uploaded craft has the pentagon included even though it is not pictured on the sample.  

 I wanted to share a photo of President Obama visiting my town this weekend.  He was here on his campaign tour and spoke at the university.  He landed at our Air Force Base and came down the main highway behind my home.  We stood outside and watched an amazing "parade" of over 100  police and sheriff's motorcycles zooming down the road.  In addition there were tons of black armored trucks and  emergency vehicles.  It was an exciting Sunday morning.