Saturday, December 22, 2012

Reindeer Ornaments and Free Poem

My dear friend who is a kindergarten teacher at our school is on leave this year.  I have her precious little guy in my room.  She found this idea on pinterest and asked if she could come in and do them with the class.  Of course I said yes.  They turned out so cute.  The biggest problem was finding plastic ornaments.  I have the glass snowman handprint ornament she had made with my daughter in kindergarten.  I am always so afraid I am going to break such a precious keepsake so plastic was a must for this project.  We mainly used the silver, but I have several students who have divorced parents so we used clear for those children to make two ornaments. 

She also created this sweet little poem to go with it.  You can find it here.
Every year I also make these mason jar lid ornaments using the kid's pictures with glitter.  You can see that post here.
Take Care.  I hope everyone is enjoying their much needed break.


  1. LOVE that reindeer ornament! Do you know where the idea came from? I'm all about giving credit to the right person and I want to pin it so that I remember it for next year! :)


  2. I was not able to get access to the poem; I'd love to create something that my son and others could use, using the words to the poem. I can enlarge the photo to read the words, but if that is not okay... please email me @ But oh, I SO hope it's okay! It's adorable!